How To Use Twitter For Marketing Of Your Business In 2018

Twitter is a platform which is a short message communication tool which allows you to send messages [ tweets ] up to 140 characters long to peoples who subscribes you [ your followers ].Twitter has an amazing social media platform which will allow you to market on it and get as much as benefit you can and there are lots of peoples were using Twitter for a business purpose and get lots of benefits with it.

So without wasting your time let me tell you some points which you can easily use for the marketing purpose for your business. There is also a guide to create facebook account on savethelive.

Let’s Start…

How To Use Twitter For Marketing Of Your Business

1. Build A Strong Foundation

In the starting of using Twitter, it is very important for you to complete your Twitter account profile and fill each feature and give the more details as much as you can about our business that will contribute in the story of your business.

Let me tell you that while setting up of your Twitter profile you don’t miss all these features :

  • Website: You must share the web address with your community so that they will easily come to your website. You can give all these things to your website or your blog but you must be considered to use a special Twitter landing page. The using of the Special Twitter page will be a great way to provide an additional information of interest to the Twitter users which were looking for your business.
  • Location: By adding the location you have to tell the peoples where they will find you. But you must remember this thing that people may also be visiting your profile from another city, state or a country and won’t recognize your neighbor or also your company name. You must give all the necessary information so that they can find you easily without complications.
  • Bio: You have got only 160 characters to tell peoples about you i.e who you are and also what you do. Skip the mission statement and talk about the benefits which you will deliver. Also, add a little personality to bring your profile to your life.

2. Tweet Regularly In Starting

Regular twitting is a sign of the activeness i.e it shows that how much you are active on social media and also a healthy profile. This thing was also said by the Sandra Fathi and also the founder and president of the Effect which is a public relations and a social media firm. If you will only tweet once in a week or once in a month then you are not keeping it up with the Joneses.

I will recommend you to post regularly in the starting because daily posting and the engagements will come on the top of the mind on a consistent basis. Make sure that your regular tweets were relevant and also the informational, the content which your followers will read click on or the retweet or a favorite.

3. Start Following The Peoples

When you will follow the other Twitter user on Twitter then you will subscribe to that user in a simple way and you will read whatever they will share. So before selecting anyone make sure that you will see before following the peoples that to whom you are following especially in starting.

To follow any peoples on Twitter simply just go to their profile and click on the following button.

As in the starting, you can follow peoples of these categories :

  • Your business partners, contractors, suppliers and the vendors.
  • Your customers.
  • A business which is in your neighbor.
  • Your competitors or your peers.
  • Trade organizations or the professional organizations for your industry.
  • Businesses which will run by those peoples which you very well know.

While you are following the peoples on Twitter you may also notice that some peoples will also follow you back.  So, don’t worry if you don’t know these peoples you have to just stay focused on those peoples whom you follow for now.

4. Follow The Trends/Hashtags

You must have to look at the trending topics or the trading hashtags and also find a way to make those hashtags relevant connections to your brand. Always follow the trending topics and try to post some posts related to that topic and don’t forgot to include that topic in your hashtags. By putting your business on those trending topics you will easily handle that what will be seen when the peoples were searching for you are the tweets regarding that particular hashtags.

Whenever you were posting on Twitter always try one thing that you will include more hashtags into your posts so that the peoples which are somehow related to those hashtags can also see your posts and like your posts and maybe follow you.

5. Twitter Advertisement

If you want then you can also take an help from the Twitter Ads. As Twitter introduced their advertisement platform some years back and Twitter ads will give you an opportunity to present your business in front of your targeted audience and you can also put your content in front of them as many as peoples you can. You can also target peoples on the basis of location, gender, interests etc and this thing is a huge advantage for you while marketing something on Twitter with the help of Twitter Ads. If you think that Twitter ads will cost you more then let me tell you this thing that Twitter ads are very cheap when it comes to marketing and also gives the satisfying results in less cost and this thing will attract many small businesses to market their business in front of their targeted audience.

6. Interaction With Your Followers

Tweeting of your own tweets is just an important as to respond to what the peoples were saying to you on Twitter. If someone says that @yourtwitterusername, make sure to respond in a timely manner. Sometimes the brands will actually use the twitter as an extension to use their customers support activities.

Make sure that you will interact with your followers and talk with them and this thing will also help you in promoting your business because as in talking with your followers there may be a possibility that you can find the customers for your business as well.

7. Make Use Of Direct Message [ DM ]

A direct message [ DM ] is also a great way for the Twitter users to communicate privately with each other. You may also wish to use of the direct message in the case where there is too much in the amount of back to back and forth between you and your customers or even when you will exchange to become too specific.

You can ask your followers to send you a Direct message [ DM ] with an contact information so that you can easily respond to those via emails or maybe with the phone. Note this thing that you can send and receive a direct message only from your followers and also vice-versa.


Twitter has amazing possibilities for your business and if you know how to use Twitter for a business purpose then you can easily get benefit with the twitter. I hope after reading these all points you will easily use and grow your Twitter profile for a business purpose but if you still found a difficulty then you feel free to comment your queries in the comments box below.

Author: Rankit Sihmar

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