On Page SEO : Basic to Advance Level SEO


If you are a blog or website owner then you should know SEO tactics for getting tons of traffic to the website to get sales, leads etc. Here I will explain about On page SEO that you should use while writing a post. You can check homepage of our website for other step by step guides.

1. Meta Description

Write meta description of maximum 160 characters and put your targeted keyword in it.

2. Keyword Density

Well, there is not any fixed percentage of keywords in content but try to use 1.5-2% keywords in your post.

3. Use SEO-Friendly URLs

Google gives preference to that website who has SEO friendly URL. So try to use short URL and don’t forget to put your targeted keyword in it.
For example

Avoid this type of URL structure:
savethelive.com/8/6/16/on-page seo-is-very-important-for-every-website

Try to use like this

4. Use Keyword in Title

It is very important to use the targeted keyword in title, the title is the very important factor in SEO. So try to use start your title with your keyword, it will provide more weight to your post.

For example, if keyword id on page SEO then title like “On Page SEO : Best SEO Techniques”

5. Add Guide or Review or Something like this to Your Title

Try to use words like guide, review in your title this will also boost your SEO of the website.

6. Use of H1 tag

H1 tag is very important, you should use only one H1 tag in your post. If you are using WordPress then it will automatically put the H1 tag in your post title, so no need to do any extra with this.

7. Use Pictures

As you know a picture can tell the story of thousands of words. So always try to use at least 2 or 3 images in your every blog post. Also if you can then include diagram or video this will dramatically decrease your bounce rate and engage the user in your post.

Without any multi media your post will look like black and white text, so this who will like this.

8. Use H2 tag is Subheading

It is very important to include at least 2-3 subheading in your blog post if your content is long then use more. Try to use one subheading for every 300 words.
If you content to very descriptive then you can also use H3 tag in your subheading.
And the most important thing that doesn’t forget a put your keyword in it.

9. Use Keyword in First Paragraph

Put your targeted keyword to your first paragraph, this will tell about the content of your post to google and it is very important if you really want your website to rank.

10. Use Mobile Friendly Website Design

Google is penalizing those sites which are not mobile friendly as these days. The mobile world is growing very fastly so google take special attention towards this.
So always use mobile friendly design, if you don’t have a good mobile friendly design then change it as it is a big ranking factor.

11. Use Outbound links

It is very easy to do this and it is one of the best white hat SEO practice.
Google determines to topic and relevancy of your post from this.
So try to include 2-3 outbound links for every 1000 words. Also, google has penalized many sites who have big content but very low outbound links.

12. Use Internal Links

Internal linking is the best way to pass your website authority from one page to other. It helps other pages to perform better in search results.
So use internal linking.

The things to kept in your mind while this work –

Do not use the exact keyword as anchor text.

Do not do over internal linking.

13. Speed Up Your Website

Google has cleared that they use page speed as ranking signal. So choose fast web hosting and CDN to improve your page speed otherwise your website will be penalized by the Google.

You can check your site speed in GTmetrix.

14. Spread LSI Keywords

LSI is the synonyms of the of the keyword, Google determines the revalency and quality of website from this.

So use LSI keywords in your post, many bloggers have seen a huge improvement in rankings when they use LSI keywords in their post.
You can easily find LSI keywords below the search results in google.

15. Optimized Image

Use your keyword image like on_page_seo.jpg, this will increase the rankings in search results.

16. Use of Social Media Sharing Buttons

You should always use social sharing button on your page, it will increase your traffic plus shows your social media presence. It helps to find how much popular is your website.

Try to use social share buttons left side or right as it will not irritate your reader.

17. Long Content

Long contents always perform better in search, always there is big chance to get top rankings if your content is long and of good quality.
Try to post at least 1000 words long article. This increases your user engagement so your bounce rate will decrease.

18. Dwell Time

When a user clicks on your website from search results then press back button of the browser, the time frame between this process is call dwell time.
If a user clicks on your website page from search results then immediately press back button then google thinks that the content on the page is not of good quality. So, as a result, your rankings will decrease.

So try to increase your dwell time. Here are some tips to boost your dwell time.
Post long and good quality content and use multimedia like images, diagrams, gifs, video etc. to increase user engagement on the page. This will certainly increase your dwell time.

These were the on page SEO strategies that you can use in your website. This will definitely help your website to gain top rankings in organic search results. Also if you have more strategies or tricks and comment below, I will add. And comment below that this post was helpful for you or not.


There is nothing much to tell about me. I am just starting my career as blogger. I love reading web contents and using tools. I am online since 2015. I have read many contents and used many tools since that time so I have many things to share with you.

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