KWFinder Review : Revealing it’s Hidden Secrets

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Using the right keywords in your Digital Campaign is strategic to the success of a blogging business. SEO experts understand the benefits of stacking your blogs with the right words that ensure your target audience is reached with precision.

In reality, using the right words and terms in your contents is akin to going out of your way to reaching your target audience rather than waiting for them to search for you.

Businesses are currently coming up with many of tools that aid SEO experts and bloggers in finding the right keywords to ensure the success of marketing campaigns.

Our focus in this work, therefore, is to undertake a KWFinder review in a way that will help digital marketing experts understand the intricacies of the tool.

CriteriaKWFinderSemrushLong Tail ProAhrefs
Keyword DifficultyVery AccurateNot ReliableNot Much Accurate as KWFinderNot Reliable
Related Keywords RelevancyVery GoodGoodNot So GoodBad


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KWfinder is a simple and easy-to-use Search Engine Optimization tool that helps you in generating the right keywords ideas for your contents and campaigns. It is a brainchild of Mangools, the producer of SERPwatcher and SERPChecker.

The tool is gradually expanding its users’ base and raking in more popularity among bloggers due to its simplicity and the very friendly users’ interface. It’s one of the closest premium SEO tool closest to free keyword finder.

kwfinder review

Some of the highlights of this SEO tool are its strength and precision at finding long tail keywords. To start with, KWfinder finds the words and also have the words your competitors are missing highlighted by showing the number of time it is used.

Lastly, it simplifies all the data generated in ways that can be readily absorbed and put to use.

More so, KWfinder tool doesn’t require that any App is installed before it could be used, it can be accessed by anyone with internet facility and a browser. Meaning you aren’t stuck with carrying a particular gadget around to use the tool, and you don’t have to bother about updates on your devices.

To clear your doubts about the tool, you can procure the KWfinder free trial to start and get the premium version after you must have been convinced.

How to Use KWFinder

KWfinder uses the Google Keyword Planner, the number of time internet users use the terms, the positions of the words on Google after the searches and applies its inbuilt parameters to analyze the data for accuracy and produce them in more friendly forms for KWfinder’s users.

The several KWfinder reviews around all agree that this strategy gives very reliable results.

At the landing page of the tool, you are immediately presented with space to plug-in your keywords and find the needed solutions. At this point, you can search for keywords as Suggestions, Autocomplete or as Questions.

Then, you choose the location you intend to target, including anywhere as an alternative, and select the language of your choice.

Whosa! You got your deal done in less than a minute.

To give you a more practical feel of the way the tool works, I tried my hands on some real life examples in this KWfinder review.

I plugged in the keyword, “soft pillow” and selected the United States for the location while choosing English as the preferred language. I have the figure below as detailing the generated results.

kwfinder review guide

The result above showed several keywords related to the one supplied with further details given along. For instance, you have the suggestions followed by the trend (showing how often over the last 12 months), and the aggregate number of time the words have been used in search engines with the last four weeks.

This is followed by Average Cost Per Click (CPC), the level of competition on Payment made Per Click, and you can also see the level of difficulty for the keyword you are working with. The difficulty is usually measured based on the position at which it pops up from Google search results.

It is also possible to save the results, as you may have to do several searches and may have need of the results for future purposes. But it’s advisable to export the data before your subscription expires as you will be left in the limbo if that happens with your data still stored on the tool. The export key is just below the space for the results.

KWFinder Pricing and Value

It will be safe to say KWfinder is one of the most affordable SEO and Keyword tools available for digital marketers today. And, this is by far, a fair conclusion on KWfinder review.

When that is considered along with the quality of the tool, not many people will argue about the fact that Mangools offers rich value for the tool.

First, immediately after you must have registered on the tool, you can get KWFinder free trial till you are ready to make a subscription for the premium version.

But KWFinder trial offers a limited access; three plug-ins per day. At this point, you can also choose to subscribe with 10% discounts within the first 60 minutes.

After the expiration of KWfinder trial version, you can still book for the tool at the regular prices. The prices spread across three plans as listed below:

KWFinder PlanMonthly PriceYearly Price
Mangools Basic$49.00$29.08
Mangoogls Premium$69.00$39.08
Mangools Agency$79.08$129.00

The other good parts are that these get even cheaper when you have a KWFinder Coupon, and every purchase gives you access to the other tools by Mangools: SERPWatcher and SERPChecker tools.

In another KWfinder review, KWFinder is placed alongside other popular keyword tools even before considering the inclusion of discount or KWfinder coupon and its price was considered the most affordable.

Check the comparison below:

KWFinder$29 Monthly
Long Tail Pro$37 Monthly
Ahrefs$99 Monthly
SEMrush$99.95 Monthly

You will understand what I meant when I said; KWFinder is almost a free keyword finder tool despite its quality. What do you think? Be the judge.

Final Thoughts

KWFinder is a great tool that ranks very high for simplicity and quality Users’ Interface. You can’t overlook the fact that it is also very affordable compared to other similar tools.

The layout of the platform gives a great feel with the data analysis that is explanatory enough to give even starters a good start.

However, KWfinder has its limitations. One of the obvious ones is its lacks of the provision to see into competitors’ trends and SEO strategy. SEMrush does this perfectively and can be deployed alongside KWFinder to get ahead of your competitors.

My advice is that you acquire the KWfinder free trial version and run through the pros and cons. But I can assure you that, even if you don’t consider it as a preference, your experience won’t be a negative one.

On the other side, KWfinder gives an excellent, real-time support services to the users. This comes in handy whenever you get stuck on the platform.

Finally, KWfinder may not be able to provide one-stop-shop for SEO experts, but it does give inputs in all the services it provides and will give many of the mainstream keyword tools a run for their money.

I will rate it as 4.9/5.

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There is nothing much to tell about me. I am just starting my career as blogger. I love reading web contents and using tools. I am online since 2015. I have read many contents and used many tools since that time so I have many things to share with you.

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  1. Thanks for writing KWFinder Review. It was informative. Now I am thinking to buy it’s subscription for finding easy to rank keywords. This is really an awesome tool.

    1. Yes Aleh,

      This is the best tool for keywords research. I only use this tool for keywords research. Their difficulty score calculator is very accurate most of the time.

  2. This is an awesome Keyword Research Tool but not working this time. Showing connection lost when I search keywords. What could be the problem?

    1. KWFinder has limited number searches so for higher usage you will need to upgrade your plan. Their plans are good for blogger and people who don’t need much keywords search usage.

  3. Awesome review of kwfinder tool. I like this tool so much because their difficultly calculation algorithm is very accurate than any other keyword research tools in the market.

    1. No Siya, currently I don’t have any special link for special discount but I will let you know once I get. Keep visiting our website for updates.

  4. I am new in digital marketing so don’t have much idea about the best keyword research tool. I saw many people recommend semrush for keyword research but after seeing your kwfinder review it seems that the best tool for keyword research is kwfinder.

    1. Yes Sumit, Before knowing about KWFinder I was also using Semrush to do keyword research but when I came to know about KWFinder, I decided to use it and found better than any other tool to do keyword research. This is why I have written KWFinder review to spread this best tool to other bloggers.

  5. Thanks so much for posting this! Learning how to use SEO keywords and just in general has all been a bit confusing for me. This is really helpful though, and I’m glad there are tools like this out there to help beginners learn more about SEO. Thanks for sharing! <3

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