How to Make Money From Fiverr – Full Guide

how to make money from fiverr

Fiverr is an online marketplace where people sells their digital services and interested people buy their services. In Fiverr “Gig” term is used to represent services. In this post, I will show you how to make huge money from Fiverr.

How to Make Money from Fiverr?

On Fiverr, you can sell your own services in which you have skill and knowledge. Most selling categories on Fiverr are SEO and Graphics Designing. Opportunities are very high in these categories but competition is also very high.

But not to worry if you are new on Fiverr, they always include some new sellers gig in popular search results so new sellers can grow gradually. You will receive low exposure to your gigs as a new seller, but once your gig sales increase your gig exposure will also increase.

To Start earning on Fiverr you need to join it first.

Follow these tips to make huge income from Fiverr quickly.

#1 Firstly Create A Gig

You need to create at least one gig to start earning. As a new seller, you can create up to 7 gigs.

To get more sales quickly write an eye catching gig title that forces people to click and view your gig. For example, if you are providing infographic creation service then write gig title like this ” I will create an outstanding Infographic for you” instead of writing this ” I will create an infographic for you”.

The word “outstanding” will give extra weight to you gig hence people will be forced to click and view your gig at least for one time.

Now writing only a catchy title will not do all work for you. You need to write a compelling gig description that immediately leads people to buy your gig.

Just write a clear description of your service so people don’t get confused that you are providing this or this service. Make it informative and use bullets in your gig description.

#2 Use Eye Catching Images

Use high quality and eye catching images for your gig. People tend to click on those gigs whose images look awesome and exactly tells about their service.

These days people focus more on image than gig title especially mobile users because the screen size of mobile is so small as compared to desktop. So they mostly watch on image instead of small texts and move ahead if the image (which represents the exact service of the gig) is not of his mean.

If you can’t make a good image for your gig then buy a gig of other sellers on Fiverr who provide gig image making service. It will cost you $5 but it worth more than $1000 if you want to make Fiverr a great income source for yourself.

So always use the high-quality image in your gig. Fiverr also allows adding a video in your gig which explains about your service.

I highly recommend adding a video for your gig if you can. This will increase the trust of the visitor on your gig and it will also increase engagement of people in your gig.

#3 Promote Your Gig to Get More Exposure

As I have mentioned already mentioned that you gig won’t get much exposure as a new seller. Hence for increasing gig exposure promote your gigs to different-different sites.

You can promote your gig simply by publishing the video about your gig on your gig. Also, you can promote on other social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Quora etc.

This will help you to get sales quickly. You can also create PPC campaigns for the gig but it will be costly for a beginner.

#4 How to Serve Customer

Now, what when you get your first order. It’s not all done after getting the order, you need to provide him quality work.

Also, you should respond quickly to their messages, it will increase the trust of the customer on you. Provide them high-quality work and always try to over deliver. Also, provide a bonus to every customer and ask them to give a positive review.

A positive review will increase exposure of your gig in Fiverr search results so you will get more sales.

My first online dollar came from Fiverr. I have made around $1600 till date from Fiverr. I could have made much more than this but I never focused on Fiverr, still managed to make around $1600.

This is the answer of how to make money from Fiverr. So these are the best tips for a new seller to make a steady income from Fiverr. Also tell how was this Fiverr guide for you, is it helpful or not? Please leave you feedback through comment box also comment if face any problem in earning on Fiverr.

Update : –

There is another method from which you can make money from fiverr even if you are not expert in anything or you don’t have any knowledge.

Only the thing that you need to do is to find services in cheap and sell it higher price on fiverr. In this way you don’t need to work only the need is to manage the things.

Hope you will like this method.


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