Free Windows VPS and Linux VPS Without Credit Card

free windows vps

Getting a free Windows VPS or Linux VPS is not very difficult as it seems to be. There are many top class VPS servers providers who gives free VPS trial to test out their services.

If you liked it then opt in or if you don’t liked it then move ahead. Today I am going to share some sites who offers free Windows or Linux VPS.

Free Windows VPS and Linux VPS Provider Sites For 1 Year

These are some very reputated free VPS server provider companies. In all of these sites you will need to create account first with genuine information and then you have to verify your credit card.

You can get free credit from Entropay and Neteller. Thier virtual credit card works at almost all sites. So no need of physical credit credit card, you can get a free VPS server without credit card.

#1 Amazon AWS 1 Year Free Windows VPS

Amazon AWS is one of the most used cloud services in the world. It has one of the biggest cloud infrastructure in the world. Amazon AWS is like king of all other cloud services providers.

It gives free 1 year access to their services in which you can can create free windows VPS, deploy free VPS server or create free Linux VPS without any problem. They have some limitation like they don’t allow to create windows VPS of more than 1 GB RAM, it is to prevent abuse of their servies. So you can get free 1 GB RAM VPS only.

Amazon also provide limited bandwidth per month to spend in free VPS server, they gives only 30GB bandwidth data per month. So be careful about this else you can get charged. Use this link to access Amazon AWS cloud services.

#2 Google Cloud Platform

Who don’t knows about Google, Google is the largest search engine of the world. Being the largest search engine Google is also one of those top cloud services providers.

Their servers are of top quality, they provide latest processors for faster experience with little extra charge. Google also provides GPU for each VPS server to make is 200 times faster. However the pricing of GPU is very high.

You cannnot use GPU in free trial plan. To use this you must have upgrade to paid plan. In free trial you are allowed to create upto 8 core VPS with 52 RAM. This is really a beast in speed and power of VPS.

They gives $300 free credit to spend on their cloud applications over 12 months. So use it winthin the credit limit and one more thing that you won’t be charges any single cents unless you upgrade to paid plan.

To start using Google’s free Windows VPS or linux VPS you must have to create a Google Account or you can use old one.

After that fill proper information and verify your card and you are done. Now you will able to create free Windows VPS of any size as per your need.

You can get free virtual credit card at Neteller or Entropay. So no physical credit card needed.

Use this link to sign up for Google Cloud Services.

#3 Microsoft Azure Free Windows VPS

Who don’t knows Bill Gates. He is the owner of Microsoft and Microsoft Azure cloud services comes under Microsoft.

Their free Windows VPS in extremely fast as compared to others. You can also create free linux VPS. But Linux VPS is mainly required by devlopers.

Here also you are allowed to create free Windows VPS of maximum 8 cores in free trial. They provide $200 free credit to spend in their cloud servers.

You can use this create free Windows VPS also you can create free linux VPS. Ubuntu is mainly used linux operating system. Install free linux VPS only if you know something about it else evrything will go over head.

Spend within the given credit and don’t worry they will not charge a single penny unless you manually move to paid plan.

Here also the same process goes, you need to create a account in Microsoft then use it to sign up for Azure. After that verify your mobile number and verify your credit card. Then start using free Windows VPS.

Use this link to go to Microsoft Azure.

So these were the top class free VPS server providers in the world. No one can beat them in their services currently. There are many more information like this on our site. Please give your feedback through comment box that how was this article for you. Is this helpful for you? If yes then leave feedback below and if no then also leave feedback below.


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