Free VPS Trial Sites Windows and Linux No Credit Card Needed

Hi, today I will share the list of sites that provide free VPS trial. You can choose either Linux VPS or Windows VPS, these all come in the free trial. However, some website does not provide windows VPS.

free vps trial sites list with and without credit card

Almost all free cloud VPS offer high-speed internet, up to 1GB per seconds. Basically, the most VPS that doesn’t require any credit card offer only 1 GB RAM in VPS.

Get free VPS login details created by me to start using it immediately without any signup or verification process. Just unlock the below locker by +1 this page.

To get powerful VPSs you need to use VCC ( Virtual Credit Card). You can get a virtual credit card from Entropay, their VCCs works at almost all sites. Also, you can get a VCC from Neteller, it also works very well.

Sites that Provide Free VPS Trial No Credit Card Required

These are some sites which offer free VPS without any requirement of the credit card.

free vps trial sites list without credit card

#1 Skytap – They offer free windows VPS for 30 days. Enjoy it using below link

#2 Upcloud VPS – UpCloud also offers high-performance VPS. Get is below

#3 Saucelabs – Saucelabs is also a very good VPS provider but you can run VPS for maximum 10 minutes at once. It gives free VPS for 7 days.

#4 CloudSigma – Cloudsigma is giving VPS for free to test out their platform. This VPS lasts for 7 days.

#5 NeuPrime – This company is giving away VPS for 10 days. Take maximum benefit of this free VPS trial using this link.

#6 Instafree – Instafree is giving free windows VPS trial without the credit card, take full benefit of it using below link.

Accuwebhosting is One of The Best Free Windows VPS Provider Without Credit Card

#7 Accuwebhosting – This company is also offering free windows VPS worth $14.97 according to their pricing. No credit card is required to take benefit of this VPS. You allowed choosing either Windows server 2008 or 2012 as OS for your VPS.

The internet speed is 1 Gigabytes per second. Total 35GB storage is provided with 500GB bandwidth. They are also giving 1GB dedicated RAM. You can host unlimited sites in this VPS, however, it depends upon the resources.

#8 ApponFly – Apponfly offers VPS for 30 days. You don’t need to enter your credit card details to enjoy their free trial VPS.

Above sites provide VPS with Windows and Linus OS. Also, these can be used as RDP server. But below are the sites that provide free VPS hosting to host anything.

These Sites Provide Free Linux VPS hosting Trials Without Credit Card

These cloud VPS hosting providers offer to host your websites or software as services. Take a look at below list –


free vps hosting trial sites list without credit card

#1 Elastic Hosts – Elastics Host is giving free VPS trial hosting for 5 days. Get most out of this trial with this link.

#2 Gandi Cloud hosting – Gandi is a well known VPS provider company. They are giving cloud VPS for free to use 7 days.

#3 RSA Cloud Servers – This is a South African company that offers free cloud server to their new users. Take this opportunity and take full benefit of their cloud server.

#4 Eurobyte – This is is a Russia based company who is in the business of cloud servers. It is a bit difficult to sign up for their 14 days trial VPS hosting in the Russian language. But you can use google translator to translate their Russian sign up page. Get their cloud server using the link available below.

#5 Sublime IP Cloud Hosting – As you have seen there are many VPS server providers and Sublime IP also comes in same. They are giving away 5 days VPS hosting.

#6 VPS hosting by Atum – They are business partners of Microsoft providing extraordinary cloud hosting services to their users. You can also take benefit of their 15 days free trial VPS, free of cost.

So these were VPS hosting and cloud server providers which are very useful for developers. Now it’s time for VPS with high resources.

Get Free VPS Trials With Credit Card in These Sites

You will get VPS trials with high resources in these sites. They require a credit card for verification, also the quality of VPS is awesome.

free vps trial sites list with credit card

#1 Microsoft Azure – Microsoft is owned by Bill Gates, the richest person in the world. They are one of the big players in cloud services business.

Microsoft Azure gives $300 credit in your account to use their all cloud services for 30 days. Here you can create VPS with maximum 28GB RAM and 4 CPU cores. This is giant VPS that you can use for anything that requires high CPU and RAM usage.

It requires a credit card and mobile number verification to start using their services. So why are waiting just grab this giant virtual private server using the link below this sentence.

#2 Google Cloud Platform – You may have come to this page using google search. Billions of searches done daily on google and it is increasing daily, so you can think how much bigger is their cloud infrastructure.

Well, they provide $300 Google Cloud Platform credit to spend in 12 months. You can spend this credit to try any types cloud services of Google Cloud Platform. Google is one of the most trusted and reliable cloud service providers.

Sign up to Google cloud services using below link.

Amazon AWS The Most Popular Cloud Service Provider

#3 Amazon AWS – Amazon is old and gold cloud services providers. Many top class companies use their cloud services. This tells that Amazon AWS is how much trusted and reliable.

They provide 1-year access to their cloud services with some limitations. They ask for credit card verification before you start using their services.

Use their services within free tier limitation else your card will be charged. One more important thing that you should keep in mind that you are allowed to use only 30GB bandwidth per month in AWS.

#4 IBM Cloud Services – IBM is providing free one month access to their cloud services. They also require credit card verification to prevent fraud.

#5 Atlantic Cloud Servers – Atlantic is also a well-growing cloud service provider. You can use their service for one month totally free after credit card verification.

#6 Alibaba Cloud – They are the China based company who is involved in the cloud business. They are very much new and growing steadily. Although they are providing good service then also there is security concern of your data, so be careful before opting for their services.

They are giving $300 to spend on cloud service, credit is divided into different cloud service that you can check on their website.

#7 GoGrid Cloud Hosting – GoGrid is providing $100 to use. They ask for verification before you start using their services.

So these all were free VPS trial sites where you can register and use it for free. Now it’s time to solve credit card problem.

How to Get Virtual Credit Card For Verification

You can easily get a virtual credit card from Entropay or Neteller. They work with almost all sites. So you will be able to create VPS without credit card means no credit card needed to use VPS.

Also please tell that this post was helpful for you or not through comment box. Also if have more sites then tell through comment box, I will update the list.

Update : –

One more site that let you to use free vps with both windows and linux operating system. Just Go to this link and select “Azure Virtual Machine and Compute” then proceed and sign up. They will give you 8GB RAM VPS to use for 2 hours after trial will automatically end.



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48 Replies to “Free VPS Trial Sites Windows and Linux No Credit Card Needed”

    1. Hi Vishal, You can use VPS for many works like hosting website on cloud, running softwares on rdp for long time because vps runs 24 hours a day with fast internet speed.

  1. Thanks for sharing this listing all VPS trials in one post. I want to use Amazon AWS, but you said they only allow 30GB bandwidth per month,for more usage they charge. Is this really true?

    1. Yes, they allow only 30GB bandwidth data per month. Sometimes ago they were providing only 15GB per month bandwidth but now they imcreased to 30GB. Well you can go for Microsoft Azure instead of amazon if you need high bandwidth.

    1. Thanks Michael for Visiting This page, the top cloud services provider are Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud. Their vps servers and exceptional, they provide high quality service.

  2. Thanks for list of free vps trial provider. I want to use Windows VPS not Linux. So please tell me which one is the best for free windows vps.

    1. Hi Micheal Ben,

      I have listed many VPS trials some of them allow to run only linux operating system while some allow to run windows. If you want to use windows then you choose Google Cloud, Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure.

  3. Amazing, all sites at one place. I will use all vps trials one by one. I only want to use Windows vps not Linux. So can you tell me from where I should start for Windows vps?

    1. Hi Mark, You can use Google Cloud VPS, Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS VPS for windows operating system. These are the best.

  4. I am using Amazon Windows VPS, it’s working perfect but they don’t provide much bandwidth. So I want any other good trial vps provider who gives unlimited bandwidth. Can you suggest any?

    1. Hi Mohanlal, You can use Google windows VPS and Azure VPS for unlimited bandwidth. They don’t limit the data you use. Hope you have got your answer.

    1. I haven’t used Alibaba Cloud but I am sure they also provide high-quality powerful VPS because they are one of the top cloud service provider in china. Give a try and share your experience here.

  5. I am using Google VPS now with 8 cores and 15 RAM. It’s really a very powerful VPS. This VPS is very fast and runs smoothly. I recommend everyone to give a try to Google Cloud VPS.

  6. I have signed up for skytap vps trial and I have successfully created free windows vps. But they are not allowing to access internet from vps. Is there any solution for this?

    1. Hi Francis, there is no solution to enable internet connection in skytap. They have disabled this option but you can try other sites for creating windows vps or linux vps if you are a developer.

  7. Thank you sharing this list Pawan, but I want to know one more thing that from where we can get free credit card to verify account for creating free vps.

    1. Hi Mary, You can get free credit card to create vps from neteller or entropay. Both works fine with all sites.

    1. Hi Vinay, there are many free VPS server provider sites but I will suggest to go with Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS. They provide top class VPS servers.

  8. I have a question that how we can cancel Microsoft Azure subscription before expiration to avoid charges? Do we need to delete the free Windows vps or should we leave it?

    1. Hi Subhash, You will not be charge in Microsoft Azure automatically unless you manually choose to upgrade to paid plan. And yes they say to delete all application before cancelling subscription. So delete the free Windows VPS created by you before leaving it.

  9. Hi Pawan, Your list is amazing. I only want to use free Windows VPS for mining. So which one you suggest is the best for this work?

    1. Hi Maria, Almost all free VPS server providers don’t allow to do mining. It is not a legal work, however many people don’t care of this and do mining in free VPS trial provider sites. You can use Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure etc. to do mining but keep in mind once they detect that you are doing mining then they will immediately suspend your account.

  10. Do you have any guide to create free windows VPS? It is very difficult for a beginner to understand technical things.

  11. Hi Pawan, Is there any free VPS server provider who allows to create and use free Windows VPS for lifetime? These all sites give only free VPS trial which expires after certain time, so I want a permanent solution.

    1. Hi Dileep, I don’t know any website that give free vps for lifetime. But there some who gives free vps for 1 year like Google cloud and Amazon AWS to test out their services.

    1. I have already mentioned in the article, Amazon gives free vps for 12 months but they only provide 30GB bandwidth data each month.

  12. I tried arubacloud for creating free vps but the neteller card doesn’t work in it. What could be the problem and how to solve it.

  13. I am looking for a VPS free trial in which no credit card required with windows server 2008. Can you suggest me one who doesn’t ask for card verification?

    1. You can use either skytap or saucelab. No credit card is required VPS from these sites. But they have some limitations, in skytap they don’t give internet connection and in saucelab, you won’t be able to run vps for more than 10 minutes.

    1. I don’t know about any company that provide allows mining on their VPS. If you are interested in crypto mining then choose cloud mining companies, genesis mining is the biggest cloud mining company. You can opt in any plan and start mining immediately there.

  14. hello Pawan
    i’d like to know which free vps can open cause this web site is opening only in usa,uk,australia and canada.can you try please with your difference vps and tell me whivh one worked good. i need this web site it can help to make some money.
    thanks you

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