Free Virtual Credit Card For Paypal Verification and Other Works

Want to get free virtual credit card for online purchases or other stuffs. People often use VCC term for virtual credit card. Virtual credit card is used to buy products online without giving details of original credit card. It protects people from fraud.

free vcc

Also VCC is great choice for those people who can’t get a credit card from bank because they are costly and bank charges interest on it. Virtual credit card is free without any hidden charges.

Free Virtual Credit Card Providers For Online Shopping

There are some very popular services who provides free virtual credit card to users with many benefits. You can use these virtual credit card for paypal verification, shopping on international sites, buying online tools like semrush, ahrefs and moz etc.

Before I tell about vcc providers, I want you to know the benefits of using virtual credit card. These are the some main reasons for you to use VCC for purchasing online instead of using original credit card details –

  • Available free of cost
  • Very low transaction fees
  • Very secure transaction
  • Hide your original credit card details
  • You can put limit on amount and validity of card
  • Worldwide acceptable

Now it’s time to know how to get free VCC. Paypal is one of the best worldwide payment service provider and most freelancers use free virtual credit card for Paypal verification. But now most of the VCC doesn’t work with Paypal.

So it has become difficult for users to get a verified Paypal account for receiving payments. But now to worry now because I will show you how to get free virtual credit card for Paypal verification.

Unlock the below method by +1 us this page to get free VCC for Paypal verification in 5 minutes without spending a single penny. This is totally new method and full working.

#1 Neteller VCC

Neteller is a payment processor founded in 1999. It has millions of users. This payment method is mainly used by gamblers for depositing in casinos.

free virtual credit card neteller

They provides both virtual credit card and physical credit card. It’s VCC is totally free while   they charge some money for physical card. To get VCC for yourself, you need to have positive balance in the neteller account.

Neteller doesn’t provide card service in some countries like India, Switzerland and more. You can check this in their site. So if you belong to one of these countries then you have a option to get VCC from it.

You will need to fill fake details of other countries where neteller provides card service, Indonesia and UK is preferred.

Fake details of these countries can be generated from fakenamegenerator site. Remember you will need keep the address and especially ZIP code saved to use in any website.

You can use this free virtual credit card for Paypal verification, it works 100%. They are the best virtual credit card provider.

Join Neteller

#2 Payoneer Card

Payoneer is digital payment services provider. This company is founded in 2005 by Yuval Tal. It’s headquarter is situated in USA. They provider cross border transfers at lowest fees.

payoneer free debit card

Their fund transfer fees is much lower than other cross border transfer provider companies like Paypal. And because of the same reason most of freelancer use Payoneer to receive payment from freelancing sites like Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer etc.

I personally use Payoneer to receive international payments. They provides free debit card after creating account, however they will charge $29.99 per year as maintenance fee . You can use this card to withdraw your funds from ATMs.

Also this card can be used for Paypal verification, this card also works 100% with Paypal.

It has the same problem as the Neteller. They don’t provider card service in all countries because of legal issues like India, Switzerland etc. So if you are living in one of these countries then you won’t be able to take benefit of their card services.

Join payoneer through below and get $25 for free.

Join Payoneer

#3 Entropay Virtual Credit Card

Entropay is a part of Ixaris System Limited. Ixaris was founded in 2002. Entropay is a online prepaid visa card provider. It is another good site to get instant virtual credit card.

instant virtual credit card entropay

It’s card works in almost site. Many people use this card to do purchases from Paypal and Google Play store.

You can this VCC to sign up for trial in online tool provider sites like SEMrush, Ahrefs, Moz etc. It works smoothly at all places. The minimum deposit in Entropay is $10 to get instant virtual credit card.

It’s VCC is free but the fees is very high as compared to any other VCC provider sites.

Their funding fees ranging from 3.95% – 4.95% for different payment methods. And when you withdraw funds from Entropay to your bank account then you have to pay $6 withdrawal fees.

So I recommend you to choose Entropay only if you have no other option.

Join Entropay

#4 Coinizy Card

Coinizy is a new VCC provider They give you visa virtual credit card. It allows you to fund your account with Bitcoin the most growing cryptocurrency. The deposit in coinizy is totally free via Bitcoin and they charges $0.50 for creating a VCC.

Once you deposited money in then you can create unlimited number of VCC within 10 seconds. Also you have to pay $0.50 monthly maintenance fee for each card.

coinizy vcc for paypal verification

Their card is supported in Paypal so this card can be used for Paypal verification. Also you don’t need to verify your details to get your card till you deposit more than $2500 in it.

This card can be also used for signing up trial in Semrush, Ahrefs, Moz, Canva etc.

So this also one of the best and cheap option to get get instant virtual credit card.

Use the below link to signup in coinizy to create your first VCC here.

Join Coinizy

So these are the top VCC providers that allows you to create VCC instantly without any kind of verification problem. Use these card for the Paypal verification, signing up for trials and for other stuffs. The best and recommended VCC is Neteller.

Please leave your comments if this article was helpful for you or when you need help from me and also if you want add more VCC providers here.

Update : –

#5 OKPay Card

OKPay in an online wallet operated from London, UK. It was established in 2007 and from that time OKPay has grown regularly and now has became one of the top online payment wallet provider.


This company is best terms of their service, they also provides virtual and physical visa credit card to users so that they can withdraw or use their money from any corner of the world. The credit card they provide works well with paypal so it can be used for paypal verification. You can spend funds from this card using paypal and get full buyer fraud protection guarantee.

Join OKPay



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  1. Payoneer card works with PayPal. I have successfully verified my PayPal using it. But one problem with this is that it’s physical not virtual credit card.

  2. I used to used for signing up in trial of online tools like ahrefs, semrush, moz etc. using entropay but their fees is too high so I moved to neteller vcc after reading your article and It works well in all sites.

    1. You’ve to submit your documents in Wirex. Then when their team will review & confirm your card then you’ll able to add it in your PayPal account.

      I’m looking for a free VCC provider who never ask for the documents. Coinzy was do. But currently they are not allowing new registration or login.

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