Create Free VPS on Google Cloud Without Credit Card

how to create free vps on Google Cloud

Google provides world-class cloud VPS server. As we know Google is the largest search engine and one the biggest companies in the world.  Hence their cloud infrastructure is also very big.

Google is one of the biggest player in cloud services industry. They also provide free $300 credit to spend on their cloud services. You can use this trial credit to create your free VPS.

How to Create a Free VPS on Google Cloud Without Credit Card

In this post, I will show you how to create a free VPS on Google cloud with free $300 credit.

This is the link to go to Google Cloud.

Firstly you need a Google account, use this account and sign up for cloud services. In this step, you need to verify your credit card first. After that, you will be introduced to the dashboard of Google Cloud. It will look like as the same in the image.

Here you will find many tabs but you need to click on Compute Engine tab. See in the image to follow the process.

google cloud dashboard

Create an VM Instance of VPS

After that click on VM instances to create your free VPS. Now click on Create New Instance.  Here you will find many options about which you should know.

create instance options

First one is name, in this field, you can put any name you want like myvps, firstvps or anything you want but remember there should not be any space.

The second option is Zone, you can select your cloud server location any part of the world. Different locations may have different pricing so always try to choose cheaper to run longer.

Now the third option is Machine Type. In this option, you can choose how much resources you want to use. You can create VPS with up to 8 cores and 52GB RAM.

Always keep in mind that pricing increases when you increase resources, so according to your need. Ideal resources in 2 cores and 4GB RAM, almost all software runs smoothly in this configuration.

In this section, you will also be allowed to choose processor type, so choose Intel Skylake processor. Because the performance of this processor is much better than others, also pricing will increase little a bit.

Now Choose Operating System

It’s time to select the operating system for your VPS. By default, it is selected Debian (Linux) operating system. This is open source software which is available free of cost. Now click on change button to choose Windows server as your operating system. Remember pricing will be almost doubled after choosing Windows as operating system. So check it once before proceeding.

select windows operating system

Now after that tick on allow http and https traffic, then hit the create button and you are done. It will take 1-2 minutes to setup your free Windows VPS. Then download RDP file and change RDP password.

Now you can connect the free VPS through RDP file, run RDP file and put password that you have and click to connect and enjoy your free VPS.

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Update :- If you are facing problem in then go here and click on “Azure Virtual Machine and Compute” and create a new VPS and use. They will give VPS with 8GB RAM for 2 hours, once it time frame ends the VPS will automatically disconnect.



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  1. Hi PAWAN, how can I create account on google cloud without credit card? It asks to verify card and mine is not working. Do you have any solution for that.

    1. No, Google don’t allow mining on their VPS. If you caught doing that then they will immediately ban your account.

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