Best Revenue Sharing Sites – Read Before Joining Any of Them!!

Most of the people wants to make permanent income source online as they feel that it doesn’t require hard work. But let me tell you that it is not easy to make money, it requires some efforts whether it is online mode or offline mode. Well, there are some successful business model running online which had made little easier for people to make money online. Yes, you heard right. Revenue sharing sites has developed vastly within few years. It has become passive income source for thousands of people. They are earning very good profit from it. But before jumping into this you should know what are the best revenue sharing sites that you can join. You should know one thing before investing in it.

What is revshare program?

Revenue sharing is one of the successful online business model. Here you need to buy adpacks after that you will receive some ad credit which you can use to get sales or referrals on any other site and then you will receive daily a part of your purchased adpacks until yoou receive 120% or 150%.It depends upon the site that how much pay for each adpack. Generally they from 120% to 150% of your purchased adpacks amount. Usually they pay 2% daily of your adpack amount so after 60 or 75 days you receive 120% to 150% of your invested amount.

Best Advertising Revenue Sharing Sites which are Reliable! 

I have made a list best revenue sharing sites 2017. They have thousands of members and running since long time. These revenue sharing sites have stable business model. These all are trusted revenue sharing sites.

1. MyPayingAds –


MyPayingAds is very old and the king of all revenue sharing sites. This site is running since 2015. It has more than 320,000 members and growing every day. This site has paid $45303000+ till date to its members which is outstanding.

  • Membership is free
  • More than 320,000 members and growing
  • Paid more than $45 million till date
  • Affordable adpacks starting for only $5
  • You have to click 10 ads daily to receive daily income
  • Adpacks grows till 120%
  • 10% lifetime referral commission
  • Join Now

2. MyPayingCryptoAds


MyPayingCryptoAds is another goldmine for passive income earners. Here you can purchase adpacks only from crypto currencies like bitcoin etc. This revshare is also owned by the owners of mypayingads. This site has paid more than 13,000 BTC till now.

  • Free membership
  • Affordable adpacks
  • Allowed to purchase adpacks only from crypto currencies.
  • 80,000+ members
  • 6% referral commission
  • Adpacks mature at 120%
  • Join Now

3. TheAdsTeam


This revshare has very stable business model. It has more than 80,000 members and running since long time without any problem.

  • Free to join
  • $10 minimum withdrawal
  • Maximum $500 daily wirthdrawal
  • Fast payouts
  • Need to surf 10 ads daily
  • Adpacks starts from $10
  • Adpacks matures at 110%, 115%, 120%, it depends upon adpacks that you buy.
  • Adpacks matures within 40 to 60 days.
  • Daily earning is approx 2-2.5%
  • Join Now

4. 10AdsPays


Another stable revshare program. Running since june 2016 and paid more than $1,600,000 to its members.

  • Adpacks starting only from $2
  • 14 days refund policy
  • Free to join
  • No membership fees
  • Daily earning avg 2%
  • Revenue share upto 120%
  • Minimum withdrawal $5
  • Maximum $250 daily withdrawal
  • Payments are paid within 48 hours
  • Join Now

Strategy to Get Maximum in Revenue Sharing Sites

  • Do not withdraw your money quickly
  • Use it buy more adpacks
  • Use this formula 20-40%fund  withdraw and use the rest funds
  • Use your balance to buy adpacks till it reaches to 50-100.
  • Do not invest in newly launched revenue sharing sites as there is high risk
  • Build referrals from PPC marketing

So these are the most trusted revenue sharing sites, hope you may also liked the strategy. You can join any of them and make stable passive income source. If you have any thoughts then let me know in comment section, I will be happy to help you.




There is nothing much to tell about me. I am just starting my career as blogger. I love reading web contents and using tools. I am online since 2015. I have read many contents and used many tools since that time so I have many things to share with you.

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  1. I have around $850 from only MyPayingAds also I have invested in MyPayingCryptoAds. They are very profitable revenue sharing sites. So I want to ask that will they stay for long time.

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