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best keyword research tool

These days the online community is growing very fastly. People are searching online for almost every problem, so the keywords and their search volume has increased very much.

If you are a blogger or website owner or planning to create a new one then this is the big opportunity for you to make healthy income online from these keywords.

But for finding those keywords we need to do keywords research. And here is the list of top 5 keywords research tools that will help you to find easy to rank and profitable keywords.

Top 5 Keyword Research Tools to Find Easy To Rank Keywords

These are top keyword research tools that most of the top bloggers use.

#1 KWfinder

KWfinder is an awesome keyword research tool and I use this tool for keyword research.


It’s keyword difficulty feature is most reliable. They give accurate difficulty level data for all keywords and this is the best part of this tool.

Their keyword relevancy feature is also awesome, provide most relevant and profitable keywords in related keywords tab.

They show CPC, difficulty level and SERPs result for every keyword. It also provides Moz metrics of SERPs results which are great.

They have the very user-friendly interface and their pricing starts with $29. You can choose any plan that suits your needs.

You will also get two free tools with KWfinder. One is SERPs checker and another is SERPs watcher. These are also the very helpful tool.

This is my first choice so go for it to get most out of a keyword research tool. Join it here.

# 2 Semrush

Undoubtedly this keyword research tool is most favorite and first choice for every blogger.


Semrush gives many relevant keywords ideas for any word or phrase in one click. It shows most profitable keywords with its CPC and difficulty.

Its keywords difficulty feature is not much accurate. Then also is best for keywords research as it brings most relevant and profitable keywords first for every search.

Their user interface is very nice and user-friendly  It gives analytical data for every phrase which is very helpful.

Semrush pricing starts with $79 and this plan best suits for bloggers.

They also provide a 7-day trial to check out their platform,  if you don’t like it then cancel the subscription anytime.

So give a try, it will worth using it. Get it here.

# 3 Long Tail Pro

Long tail pro is very cost effective and a good keyword research tool. It has both web version and desktop version. You can do unlimited keywords searches in the desktop version.

long tail pro

But it takes too much time to give new keywords and its difficulty level. Also, you need to connect your Adwords account first to start keyword research.

Their difficulty calculator is reliable. It gives almost same data as KWfinder. But they don’t show best keywords first and this is the big problem.

Its user interface is also not much impressive. Although if you are looking for a cheap solution then you can go for it. They also offer a 7-day trial to test out this software. Their cloud version subscription package starts from $37.

#4 Adwords Keyword Planner

This is Google’s own keyword tool. They provide this tool to help Adwords advertisers to find best keywords for advertising.

keyword planner

Keyword Planner does not offer much data for the keywords like KWfinder, then also it is very useful for beginners.

It provides total search volume of any keyword in google and also provides many keywords related to your keyword search. To start using Google Adwords keyword planner, you need to create a Google Adwords account and deposit at least minimum amount in your account that is set by Adwords.


Keyword tool is very popular among the advertisers. It provides tons of keywords for every phrase. They provide search volume, CPC, advertisers competition and difficulty level for every keyword you search.

keyword tool

It has the very simple user interface and their pricing starts with $48.

Among these 5 keywords research tool, I will recommend KWfinder to use, their features are awesome and they are growing rapidly in the market because of this. Their plans are also very good as compared to all other tools.

So this is my list top 5 keywords research tool. Is this list was helpful for you? Please give feedback through comment box or if you have any suggestion or anything then comment below. I will return to you soon as possible.


There is nothing much to tell about me. I am just starting my career as blogger. I love reading web contents and using tools. I am online since 2015. I have read many contents and used many tools since that time so I have many things to share with you.

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