The Ultimate Guide For Beginners to Start a Blog

start blogging

Do you want to start blogging?

Then this article is for you. I will show you step by step guide to start a blog. Firstly let me tell you why you should start a blog?

If you want to make your online presence or want to create a digital career or want make living online, then blogging is the best option to start with. Following are the main benefits of being a blogger –

  • It will show your online presence, people will know about you. It will increase your popularity among people even in your local area. People will know, you are something that exist on earth.
  • Blogging is the one of the best way to connect with people, share your thoughts and let them to appreciate about.
  • One of the best thing of blogging is that you can earn money from this and living online, no need to work 9 to 5.
  • Be your own boss, work when you want.
  • The best methods to make money online is using adsense and affiliate marketing. For getting approval in adsense many good affiliate program you need to provide a blog after that they will approve you to promote their product. After approval you need to get traffic which you can do if you have blog. So blog or website is compulsory if you really want to make money online.

So now you have got it that blog or website is very important if you want to make your online presence.

For starting a blog you need to buy a domain name like ‘domain,com’, ‘’ etc. Mine is ‘’. Choose domain name according to niche on which you want to write, like if you want to write about health then you should choose domain like ‘’.

Where you should buy domain name?

Best place to buy domain for your blog or website is GoDaddy (World’s largest domain registrar), BigRock etc. The best one is GoDaddy because it provide many essential features that you will need later.

After purchasing domain you will need a web hosting for installing WordPress. You should choose best hosting company to host your blog or website.

How to Choose Best Hosting Company for your website?

Then see the answer, the hosting company should be very fast with very good up time so that your website loads quickly.

More quickly your website will load more higher will be the ranking of your website in google which results more traffic and more money. So it is always a very good idea to choose fast hosting company.

For choosing best hosting company you don’t need to spend hours online on google because I have already researched this. HostGator, Bluehost and iPage are very fast and best for hosting your blog or website. All of them provide unlimited bandwidth and unlimited space so it will be cost less to host your website.

Also iPage provide $100 Google Adwords and $100 Yahoo/Bing advertising credit. So you will get total $200 in advertising credit for spending approx. $40 in hosting on iPage. So here is win and win situation.

I personally recommend to choose HostGator for hosting your website as it the best among all.

On which platform you should start blogging?

There are many blogging platform like WordPress, Blogger, Joomla, Drupal, Tumblr etc. Here you can start blogging. But the best one that you should choose is WordPress. More than 27% websites in the world are hosted on WordPress.

Less people use other blogging platforms, because they have limited options and features.

See below why you should choose WordPress for hosting your blog or website –

  • It has many features and options that you will need when you start blogging, while other blogging platforms  do not provide much features and options as WordPress provide.
  • Millions of people use WordPress, so if you got stuck some where then you can ask others for help.
  • You can choose many website designs and plugins in WordPress but you won’t get much website design and plugins in other blogging platform.
  • Almost all top bloggers use WordPress for blogging.

So if want to make money online for lifetime then you must choose WordPress. I have see many people who started blogging or website on other platforms and now they are facing problems due to lack of features.

So be smart and choose WordPress as your hosting platform.

Step by Step Guide to install WordPress on your hosting –

STEP 1. Firstly you need sign in to your hosting account whether it HostGator or iPage, after that you may see image like this after scrolling down.

wp install steps

You can see there is softaculous apps installer. Click on it, after that click on WordPress.

STEP 2. – Next you can see screen like this as in image. Then click on install now button.

step 2

STEP 3. – Then follow the steps on image.

step 3

STEP 4. – After that put your email address, there you will receive all emails related to your website. Then click on install now button.

step 4

STEP 5. – After completion of installation you will recieve two urls, one will be your site like ‘’ and one ‘’, click on this. You will see your website admin panel as in image.

step 5

STEP 6. – Now you need to choose a perfect theme for your website. You can also buy premium themes at Themeforest, ElegantThemes etc. Generally google promotes those sites in rankings who uses unique and premium theme. But you can use free theme for your website. See in image

step 6

STEP 7. – After clicking on add new button, you will see screen like this. Choose any theme with good design then install it and activate it.

step 7

STEP 8. – Now see image how you can add any plugin to your website.

step 8

STEP 9. – Now search plugin that you want to install then press install now button after that activate it.

step 9

Now you are done, you have successfully installed WordPress on your hosting. You can start blogging now. But before you start blogging, must read the following articles.

  • Essential WordPress Plugin that Every Website Should Install (Compulsory)
  • How to do SEO of your WordPress site to tons of organic Traffic (Compulsory)

So if you need help in using WordPress or got stuck somewhere then contact me through live chat on lower right corner. If I do not respond then leave your message in comment section. I will reply you within 24 hours. I will provide support totally free, so do not hesitate to contact me.


There is nothing much to tell about me. I am just starting my career as blogger. I love reading web contents and using tools. I am online since 2015. I have read many contents and used many tools since that time so I have many things to share with you.

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