7 Best Ways to Earn Bitcoin Quickly and Easily


Bitcoin is getting very popular these days and it will grow more with the passage of time. To see the success of Bitcoin people is launching many other crypto currencies like ether, lite-coin etc.

But Bitcoin is far ahead of those new types of crypto currencies. So I will show the 7 best ways to earn bitcoin. But before that, you need to know something and also visit homepage of savethelive for more information.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a digital currency, you can call it a crypto currency. It uses very secure encryption techniques to transfer funds with full security. Banks do not involve in Bitcoin fund transfer. It is the totally independent process.

Benefits of Using Bitcoin

The reason behind the success of the bitcoin is its benefits. There are many benefits of using bitcoin.

#1 Payment Freedom – Bitcoin allows sending funds anywhere in the world. You don’t need any bank process to transfer funds from one country to another country. Transfer of funds from one country to another country through Bitcoin is much faster as compared to the bank. Also, holiday won’t affect the transfer speed of funds through bitcoin while you will face the delay in banks.

#2 Security in Bitcoin – As I told earlier that bitcoin transfer is very safe. They use very secure encryption method for safe transfer. So nobody will be able to detect that how much payment you are sending or receiving or you have except the sender and receiver. So people use it to avoid taxes as the government can’t know about it.

#3 Low Fees – This is one of the best reason of Bitcoin success. It involves very low transaction fees in each transfer. And in the other hand bank charges too much fees if you are doing cross border transaction. This is why most people are using bitcoin for cross border transaction.

#4 Transparent transaction Information – When we use the bank for the transaction, we don’t know what processes are going on and how much time it will take. But in Bitcoin, you can clearly see funds transfer process in Bitcoin Block Chain. Here you will get all info about your transaction.

#5 Gold For Merchants – In Bitcoin, the transfer is very safe and encrypted so when you buy any product from any merchant through bitcoin and you don’t satisfy with the product and want the refund then you won’t be able to get unless merchant agrees with the refund.

But in PayPal, you can open a dispute if the merchant does not agree to refund. And then you get your money back. Also, one more benefit of this to the merchants is that they don’t need to pay taxes for the sold products.

So most merchants are moving to set Bitcoin as the payment method in their offline or online store.

Now I will show that how you can earn Bitcoin to use.

Best Ways to Earn Bitcoin for Using It

#1 Bitcoin Faucets – There are many Bitcoin faucets are available online where you can earn Bitcoin. You need to claim Bitcoin in every 10 minutes to 1 hour, you will get from 70-1000 Satoshi in each claim. The earning of Bitcoin is very low with this method but still, you will be able to earn some Bitcoin. Freebitcoin and FreeDogcoin are two most popular Bitcoin faucets in the market.

#2 Bitcoin Mining – Bitcoin mining is the process in which people searches and validates block chain in Bitcoin transaction and they get some part of the transaction fees. It requires very powerful pc do Bitcoin mining. And it very difficult to manage costs of Bitcoin mining as then you get the very low amount of BTC for every hash solved.

#3 Work for Bitcoin – People can also earn Bitcoin by doing some online work like designing, typing or anything you can serve. It is like doing freelancing. XBT freelancer is a popular Bitcoin freelancing platform. You can join it and earn some Bitcoin for yourself.

#4 Sell Something for Bitcoin – If you are a seller or able to sell anything then sell it for Bitcoin. You can sell anything for Bitcoin like e-book, product or anything that you can sell.

#5 Gambling – Earn Bitcoin by gambling. Almost all casinos allow depositing funds through Bitcoin. And if your luck is good enough then you can bag big amount of BTC for yourself. It is very risky and you can lose you all funds.

#6 Online Trading – Online trading is also a very good option to earn good amount of Bitcoin. It involves risk of losing all funds. But just imagine if you have bought 1 Bitcoin when it launched in 2009 that time its price was only $5 and now it is more than $4000 and increasing day by day. So you would have been a rich person if purchased some BTC that time.

There are many popular brokers which allow you to do Bitcoin trading like IQ Option, Coinbase, BTC-e etc.

#7 Ad Networks – If you are a website holder then your website gets some traffic then you can earn Bitcoin through ad networks who send payment through Bitcoin to its publisher. Mellow ads is on the best Bitcoin ad network where you can earn Bitcoin through your website.

So these are the 7 best ways to earn Bitcoin online. If you have any more idea that how to earn Bitcoin then comment below, I will add it in this post. Also please comment and give feedback that was this article for you, is it helpful or not for you.


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